Monday, November 9, 2009

In The Headlines

Thank goodness for catch-up weekends. After a Halloween away and a disease-addled start to my week, I felt a bit behind. Fortunately, I got my hustle on this time and feel relatively caught up. Part of this catch-up process included nabbing a post-Halloween photo to share. (Yep, I am C3PO). Any other wild costumes out there? Drop me a note in the comments section. While I find something to wear, peep the pic and the headlines.
Out in San Francisco, "Mission Muralismo" hits the de Young.

Some idiots tagged over Banksy's stuff in Bristol, claiming that the artist should make some 'real graffiti.' Too bad their shitty tags are absolute rubbish.

I'm sure you've all seen the Krink Mini, but here it is again for old time's sake.

Taiwanese student Hsieh Tsan-yu's murals in Berlin attracted considerable attention.

Omino 71 wants you to vote for his Teletubbies-themed piece?

Zozen also wants you to vote for his videos "Barrio Mutante" and "Tu Mente Duerme." Awesome stuff!

In Spain, the 2010 Festival of Street Art is slated to happen at the Museo de San Javier. Exhibitors can submit entries through January 27.

Dan Witz's show "Dark Doings" kicked off last week at the Carmichael Gallery in Los Angeles.

Jon Christopher's Redbots project is winning over the residents of Long Beach, California.

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