Thursday, November 26, 2009

November 2009: Diabetik in DC

When I visited Washington D.C. this summer, I considered it to be a fairly clean city. It seemed like the nation's capital didn't really get down with street art. Fortunately, Diabetik proved me wrong. From candy corn cones at Halloween to Christmas-y gingerbread men and springtime Peeps, he can glean inspiration from any holiday. Perhaps he's pasting up some turkeys today? Covering city blocks with giant cans of cranberry sauce? Keep your eyes peeled. He writes:
"I started making street art about six months ago. Around Easter, I decided to do my version of an Easter egg hunt with the Peep wheatpastes so all of DC could play."
"I will go out with other artists in a collective called DC51, especially if we want to get up big or hit a high-traffic area. Other times it’s really nice to wander the streets at night by yourself while the city sleeps."
"I like to create simple, easy to read icons with a sense of humor. Once somebody spots one piece, they start seeing more and more throughout the city. The work is all about making someone smile."
"The first time I got up, I had made paste-ups on a really shitty paper that just didn’t want to stay. There were three of us working it pretty hard on a busy street for about 10 minutes until it laid flat. In the end, they stayed in great shape for a long time until the wall was removed."
"I view electrical boxes as blank canvases. The city has thousands and I’d love to hit every one of them. Right now, I'm working on something seasonal. I’m also part of a gallery show in January."

Awesome, Diabetik! Thanks so much! For more holiday-theme photos (and other non-holiday related items), check out his Flickr. Now it's turkey time, so give thanks and eat up!

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