Wednesday, November 11, 2009

October 2009: Specter in Toronto

I love artists who keep the viewers guessing. There's nothing quite like a change of style to shake things up. From his clever re-interpretations of street signs and storefronts to his blinged-out buildings and statues, Specter keeps Toronto on its toes. Today, he takes a quick break from his latest project to shoot us some photos and text. He writes:
"I started doing street art about 15 years ago, thought it was called graffiti back then."
"I almost always work alone because it can be hard to coordinate with other artists, but sometimes I make the effort to work with some fantastic artists."
"15 years of sucking has helped develop my style, but my work has been influenced by many different people. From architects to set painters, they've all helped me develop my current style."
"I've seen tons of crazy shit while putting out work and been through a lot of shit, I don't even remember half of it but a few events stick out. The most memorable would probably be when I jumped off a 30 foot wall to get away from the cops. Just so you know, it wasn't worth it!"
Thanks, Specter! He's currently working on a new series titled "Manage Work Flow", so he'll be busy well into the new year. For more photos, check out his website.

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