Tuesday, November 17, 2009

October 2009: 0331© in Moscow

In the United States, 0331 is a special unit within the Marines in charge of crew-served machine guns. In Russia, 0331© has to do with bombing, but not the explosive variety. Instead, this artist is all about graffiti and street art. Mixing old school standards with clever locations and style, he decorates walls (and trees) all across Europe. Today, he shares some photos and adventurous stories. He writes:
"I started with posters and stickers in 2001 and since that time I developed myself in different areas.
In most cases, I paint alone. It helps me to express my feelings, but I also I like painting productions with people whose art I really appreciate!"

"In my opinion, 'style' is only a cage in which a painter puts himself with his own hands. I try not to stop at what has been accomplished and I am constantly searching for some new ways of expressing visual compositions (ideas, types)."
"I adore when a place inspires me, but as such places are very hard to find in urban life, I've chosen forest and trees. I think that every painting and every picture must match the place where it is painted. It must create a composition, a harmony - that's what street art is for me."
"This summer my friend from Saint Petersburg and I had to spend a night in the police station in Paris. Getting arrested for tagging is pretty crazy. We tried to run from them, but they took us for a drive in their car, tried on handcuffs, and even beat my friend at the police for us to confess. Finally, at 7 o'clock in the morning, we left Paris for Vitally. Because of (or thanks to) the corruption, it is much easier in Russia; one can pay and do what ever he wants."
"I do not like to speak about the future or about plans, things which do not exist at present moment. But maybe this winter I'll introduce two new street art projects. Rock on! See you!"

Thanks a million, 0331©! For more info, visit his Flickr or website.

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