Monday, November 16, 2009

In The Headlines

Is it really over? After such a relaxing weekend, I'm not that motivated to go back to work. Any two day period that involves Anthony Bourdain, onion soup, coat racks made of skis and lazing is a good time. Hopefully Kara, Dan Deacon and I will both be healthy in January when we meet again. While I brew some coffee, check out this week's baby crop o' headlines.

Over at Vandalog, RJ's putting together a fabulous London showcase. The show kicks off this Thursday; check back Wednesday for all the details.

In Croatia, Lunar and his YCP crew created a series for the 150th anniversary of Playboy. Check his site for more shots.

"The Thousands" runs from November 18-22 in RJ at Vandalog. For more info, check out his awesome blog.

The Montana Street Art Extravaganza showcased the best graffiti in Napa Valley.

K74 covers LA’s Lookout Mountain Ave. with Moses, Charlie Chaplin, and ballerina wheatpastes.

In Detroit, an outdoor clinic built by two students highlights the lack of health care options in the Motor City.

Know Hope's show "Go Get Your Shinebox" opens on November 18 at the Brooklynite Gallery.

Someone's a dickhole. Last week, someone stabbed Chor Boogie and stole his paint as he created a mural for San Francisco's Market Street. Show some love as he finishes the piece; he's not letting the incident stop him.

Apparently, there's a secret spot in Los Angeles teeming with street art. Observe.

Since it's summer in the southern hemisphere, Auckland's street artists are out in full force.

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