Tuesday, November 10, 2009

October 2009: Onio in Brasília

As if I needed another reason to visit Brazil, Onio's street pieces rock my socks. But while most of my Brazilian posts come from Rio or São Paulo, Onio represents the nation's capital, Brasília. Today, he checks in to share a bit about his past and even more about what's to come. He writes:
"I started working alone, but soon I met other people and formed a crew. The crew lasted about 5 years; after it separated, I went back to working alone. Nowadays, I meet up with other people on the street."
"I think my style is something natural. I draw inspiration from other artists, my urban experiences, and of course, experiencing a lot of the streets and in the studio."
"I like to paint the streets of my city, Brasília. The support is infinite, and I never know what's going to happen next: the street, the conditions of the day, and the walls dictate it."
"I have many crazy stories from my experiences in my city. I love the contact you have with the inhabitants of the city while painting. People question and recognize my work and tell me what they think of design. This for me is very valid and interesting: lots of 'crazy' dialogue with the urban environment and its

"I am currently doing a series of new paintings in my new studio. I'm also planning to launch a magazine with a friend next year. In July 2009, I attended Rua Festival in the Netherlands with Brazilian artists. I'm always working on the streets."

Obrigado, Onio! For more photos, visit his Flickr.

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