Monday, December 7, 2009

In The Headlines

After a ridiculous week, I needed a weekend filled with sleep and little motion. Hopefully, I'm recharged enough to function on a human level. I am QUITE excited about tomorrow, though: the blog officially turns one year old. That's right, kids, 365 days ago tomorrow, I threw this jammy jam out there and hit the ground running. Check for a special post on Tuesday with some birthday goodies that you, too, can cash in on. In the meantime, here are the headlines.

I dig Goons's stop-motion animation in this Orbit clip.

In the midst of Art Basel's indoor activities, "Primary Flight" at the Wynwood Walls capture the best of the festival's street art.

In London, Mutate Britain's "One Foot in the Grove" exhibit runs through December 20.

CNN pays attention to urban knitters like Knitta.

Omino 71 interviewed Leg on his blog.

When this comes out, I MUST get a copy: British filmmakers created a documentary about Israeli artist Know Hope.

Belfast turns to stenciling to get the message out about responsible drinking. Will people listen?

On a slightly unrelated note, the folks at InSound will host a pop-up shop at 303 Grand St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from December 17-21. You can pick up all sorts of music related goodies and sheer audio awesomeness. Do it.

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