Monday, December 14, 2009

In The Headlines

The weekends fly by so quickly that I didn't even notice it was Saturday yesterday. Oi! Hopefully, I'll get a breather at the end of this week. Only a few more posting days left in this year! I'll be off from Christmas through the new year, but I promise a post that will keep you busy. While I sort it out, check out the headlines.

Someone modified this San Fran street sign with one cheeky Sharpie.

Is street art a reformed version of Andy Warhol's Pop Art vision?

Fresh off the plane from Miami, Michael De Feo opened a new group show in Beacon, NY, this past weekend. "Limited Run 3" runs through January 31.

Doodlez and other artists kicked off "Heady Mugs," an exhibition of portraits at Baltimore's Nudashank Gallery. The show runs through January 1.

On December 19, Osservatorionmade-Marseille presents a show featuring Marseille artists Joos, Pom, and Love.

Adam McLevey doesn't need a wall to paint on; just give him a piece of driftwood and he'll be okay.

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