Thursday, December 3, 2009

November 2009: Richt in Bristol

The weather's getting colder in this hemisphere, but fortunately Bristol-based artist Richt knows how to paint inside and out. If you flip through his Flickr, you'll see some amazing commissions in a variety of locations. (The holidays are coming, man, and I sure could use a mural in my place. Just sayin'.) However, he also likes to paint en plein air. He writes:
"If I paint in the street, I usually paint with 45rpm, who is also based in Bristol, and Sums. Both of them are in my crew called 'WHAT'. I think I started in 2001."
"Practice makes perfect: years of sketchbook development and a lot of time trying to perfect my lines helped me get better."
"I love painting anywhere where I get a lot of time and space to concentrate. I don't like painting in the same places all the time."
"One time, I painted in an abandoned building which had some people living in it. One had a metal bar and was really pissed off. They also had a designated room for shitting. Me and RPM were also once forced to put up the names of a guy's mates who were in prison. We threw their names up on the wall; that was fun."
"I am going to Amsterdam in December to paint a store inside and out. I also have an upcoming exhibition in Barcelona next year."

Thanks, Richt! Good luck with the trip and the show. For more updates, check his website or peep his Flickr.

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