Thursday, December 10, 2009

November 2009: Peru Ana Ana Peru in NYC

You can't walk three feet in New York without seeing a Peru Ana Ana Peru piece. Their stickers cover the better part of Manhattan and Brooklyn. However, they're not just a black and white slap. In addition to their stick-ups, they dabble in a variety of colorful 2 and 3-D creations. Today, they check in with a little background and what's happening now. They write:
"We first started pretty much haphazardly about three years ago."
"We work primarily with seventeen various peoples that frequent our living quarters. There is Maude, who is responsible for stockpiling and for finding loose change in pocketbooks, nooks and crannies, floorboard slits, 'neath hockey sticks, and 'round this or that. Davis, who folds neatly things. Conrad and the twins, Harris and Flodormorph, or 'Floddy' as the kinckies call him, who collectively tend to the sheep, when we do have sheep, and to the hogs when there are hogs. Then there is Carlos-Monton, Carlos-Cristobal, and Carlos-Schopenhauer, who mainly spit the grapes and teach coilo to the women. Spelly who uses her long and golden locks to strain things when things need straining, and who drives old volvina around. Parzinni the mechanic and the apple eater. Bigsley and Bellington who grow the green and who taste it too. Melferly who cuts and pastes and grinds and bastes. Simeon of the North and Simeon of the East, who guard the royal tomb of SIr Stanley Bannum. Neder Gratesmith who minds the gap. And Feredey, who flames the goose, among other things."
"How'd we develop our style? Purely trial and error."
"Sadly, our outings are pretty uneventful minus the occasional run in with this or that, sometimes serious, most times not."
"Recently, we participated in group show at Brooklynite Gallery featuring over 100 artists who all made their own versions of shoeshine boxes as per the requirements of the gallery. It should be a really fun and original show. All the info is here. Those who can should definitely come out."

Thanks, guys! For more cryptic info and pictures, check their Flickr.

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