Monday, December 21, 2009

In The Headlines

With the year winding down, the last headlines of the year are a bit sparse. That's okay, though, because Wednesday will bring a recap of 2009's posts. Pretty hefty stuff! Yesterday, we got snowed in but it's back to work for Monday morning. While I dig myself out of a foot of powder, you can read the last headlines of 2009.

Tom Blackford's website features some new goodies.

Creative Boom London interviewed The Krah.

Untitled II: The Beautiful Renaissance is out now. If you didn't catch the first volume, have a look here.

Sydney's cracking down on street art. Between six months of jail time for kids carrying cans and a full year for those caught in the act, local artists feel the draconian measures don't differentiate between gang graff and street art.

While we're on Australia, Mini Graff shot me a note to say hi and give me an update. From sustainable design to street photos, they've enjoyed a wonderful 2009 and are looking forward to an even more creative 2010. Cheers, guys!

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