Tuesday, January 12, 2010

December 2009: Azo in Ukraine

If you're looking for new artists online, Streetfiles is a great resource. The website is filled to the brim with photos and members from across the globe. Today, Streetfiles member Azo checks in from Lutsk, Ukraine. While the winters bring sub-zero temperatures, I'm sure he's indoors brainstorming ideas for spring. He writes:
"I became interested in drawing on the streets about 5 or 6 years ago. Sometimes I work alone, but in recent days I`m working with other people. One of the reasons is the place where I work, because I really like abandoned houses in the countryside, uninhabited areas, districts. It's not always safe to be there alone.""I spend a lot of time experimenting with different forms, colours, proportions and their interaction with background. Thus, the concept of my works was created. It is an image of the spatial forms in the context of a plane."
"I enjoy working in places that haven't felt the presence of humans for a long time. I like ex-military units in the forest, industrial zones, ruined houses and so on."
"Crazy situations happen quite often with me. For example, we were running away from the owner of the factory, on which we had drawn. My friend was almost hit by this man on the car. Once after successful work in some house when it was dark in the streets we met a pack of wild, agressive dogs who were pretty hungry. It was scary, because we were surrounded and had to jump through the windows to survive."
"Now I am engaged in painting, mural art, also I'm preparing for the exhibition and finishing some works on the street."

Thanks, Azo! For more brilliant photos, visit his Streetfiles profile.

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