Wednesday, January 6, 2010

November 2009: Skount in Barcelona

More often than not, gray is the color of city life. From the buildings to the sidewalks, the landscape can seem overwhelmingly monotone. Fortunately, there are people like Skount bent on make urban spaces a little brighter. He gives us a brief tour of his home base, Barcelona, and shares the reasoning behind his work. He writes:
"I started in 1999. At the time, I was largely influenced by hip-hop culture. My style changed over time as my own curiosity and desire to investigate other aspects and artistic disciplines grew. I began to discover and develop other things, without questioning whether or not it was graffiti, street art or whatever you call it. I simply painted where and what I wanted to. When I paint, I feel in some way free to receive and transmit a stream of sensations. Also, my own love to know and mingle with other cultures and people leads me to travel and paint throughout
Europe, Central America and Asia at the moment. This fact also contributed to my development not just as an 'artist' but as a person and directly influences my painting and my
way of seeing things."
"Normally, I enjoy developing my work alone. I limit myself to develop my work by my emotions and what I see in the urban environment or different sensations
perceived in different environments and situations. It is very difficult to merge and share these emotions and sensations with another person. But obviously I love to develop projects, whether I'm painting or doing another good activity with others. It is a way to nurture each other on several levels. One could say that I develop my work alone and in
company of others; this form gives a unique quality to my work."
"Well, I think we live in a society that in general is becoming more gray. We pursue an unhealthy lifestyle. We follow the rules implemented by a few that tell us how
dress, eat, wear, and buy. That color has become our home. We pay more attention to this kind of thing and we forget our soul in the original sense of the word and the small pleasures of life.
All this, this way of seeing things in my view is part of my style today."
"Usually my favorite places to go and paint are houses or factories. They're rather desolate and quiet, so it is easier to work in this environment. But sometimes I love to paint in noisy places, full of people to interact with in a certain way. Everything depends on the day and situation." "I'm working on "Incadescent Natures." It is a project of abstractions: color, black with implosions in different urban environments. Composed of deconstructions of color and
chromatic wooden sculptures, the project will be integrated into the urban landscape. But this is only a preview I am shaping today."

Gracias, Skount! For more lovely spraycan photos, check out his Flickr.

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