Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year Headlines!

After a most necessary break, family reunions, tasty meals, and a great new year spent with friends, I'm back in full effect! Did you miss me? I must admit, it felt odd not posting every day. However, my enthusiasm is renewed and I'm ready to go all-out in 2010. I've got a couple ideas for new projects that I'll share as soon as they get going. Until then, get caught up with this huge pile of headlines!
Know Hope shot me a thankful note and a photo for 2010. Thanks so much!

Istanbul's Milk Gallery gets down with street art.

Banksy and Robbo waged war in north London this past week after Banksy painted over Robbo's 24 year-old piece.

In Banksy's hometown of Bristol, Filton College offers classes in spraycan art.

Remi/Rough and Jaybo sent me this collaboration video, too. I met these guys last year in London and look forward to seeing more of their great work in 2010.

Chor Boogie decorated L.A. with his "Perception of Color Therapy" mural.

Just like your printer, the Color Dial Spray system takes paint cartridges and blends them for a colorful spray. How's that for a reusable spray can?

Luzinterruptus reminds us that Big Brother is always watching with his "Happy 1984" sculpture.

Suso33 hooked me up with the link to his latest video. His scribbles turn out a lot cooler than mine ever do!

Cool Hunting listed their top five favorite street art projects of the year.

In Baltimore, a North Avenue alley protects graffiti artists and their work.

In the Pacific Northwest, stencils are popping up everywhere.

Gaia's new mural shines on Broadway in New York City. Check the video to watch it come to life.

Annnnnnd after surviving the fall-out from his Barrel Monster, N.C. State student Joe Carnevale takes old computer bits and builds a purple elephant.

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