Thursday, January 7, 2010

November 2009: Ritek1 in Ukraine

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This summer, I hope to get around and photograph some serious street art. With so many recent submissions from Eastern Europe, the region is definitely at the top of my list. Today, we hear from Ritek1 in Sevastopol, Ukraine. He tells us a bit about the thought process underlying his gigantic lettering. He writes:

"When I started doing graffiti is difficult to tell because I was already engaged in classical graffiti and stencils. I started doing roll-ups at the end of 2008 and I liked the originality and new forms. It was something new to me and it was interesting to me."
"I developed my style so that visually it looked very mysterious and unusual; I don't want to be the same as all the rest. I like harmony of forms and sometimes an idea for a font design comes to mind. When that happens, I try to make a sketch. It is very important to select suitable colors which will combine well. I paint my geometric fonts in two different directions. Sometimes, when I need to quickly make a stylish font, I make thinner letters. In general, I try to learn from different branches of art. It is good to be able to draw and to study it independently."
"For painting, I choose my locations very carefully. I like picturesque places that will make photos of my work look good. For this purpose it is necessary to travel and search for many such places."
"Sometimes I work alone, but we create interesting things together with KLMF. He knows how to do roll-ups correctly and both of us like the way they turn out. I am ready to paint with someone if he or she can show me something special. It's always desirable to try to mix styles and to create a whole visualization that is pleasant to look at."
"I recently finished my last project and I have many new bright ideas which I am going to realize in the near future."

Thanks, Ritek1! For more Ukrainian gems, check out his Flickr.

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