Tuesday, January 5, 2010

November 2009: World War Won from SA

Second day of the new (posting) year and we're already representing new countries. Today, we check in with World War Won who got his start in South Africa. Currently posted up in London, World War Won cleverly modifies the city streets with a dash or two of paint. He writes:
"I started working in public when i was 16. I spend a lot of time working alone. But when I'm actually installing works in public, I prefer to be with some pals.""I'm not sure that I have developed a style. Style seems to be an ongoing organic thing - something that just emerges after lots and lots of work. I don't think it is something that you should be aware of when you are producing. Just make things that you like."
"I jump around between mediums a lot as I get bored very quickly. At the moment, I am really interested in creating work that is open-ended and interpretable, work that has no real message other than to provoke individual interpretations from the public."
"I used to paint in the suburbs of Cape Town in a crew called PaintdripRisks. We were mainly interested in locations that were hidden: walls along bicycle paths, etc. Then recently I moved over to £ondon to target masses of people. Right now, my favourite places to display work are in the busiest parts of central £ondon."
"Saying this, I'm not really that interested in graffiti as a medium anymore. In short, I think there are many new ways to create public work and spraycans are not necessarily the most interesting or the most innovative....I'm interested in playful invention and I try and
think of new ways to infect the city all the time. Right now, I am working on being as prolific as possible."

Thanks so much, WWW! Has anyone over in England see his stuff? SA? Let me know! For more photos and updates, check out his blog.

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