Monday, January 11, 2010

In The Headlines

Good morning and happy Monday! This weekend, my grandmother celebrated her 80th birthday, so we all went down for amazing food, drinks, and conversation. Now it's back to work and less than a week until my birthday! While I figure out how to celebrate 24, you can peep at these headlines.

Bastardilla wants you to watch his documentary, Memoria Canalla.

When you get a second, give Marc and Sara of Wooster Collective a shout in the comments section. Sounds like they're going through a tough time and could use the support.

Tomo's new website is up and running. Check it out for freebies and great photos.

Signtologist and his mom are showing their work together in Denver this month.

Speedy Graphito decorated a girls' school in Kolkata, India.

Dan Witz spoke to NY Arts Magazine about his unique street pieces.

Now even NYC's trash bins look good. Thanks to Finley's good taste, some dumpsters outside the New Museum now have a brand new coat.

Chris Stain has some lovely new portraits up on his site.

The folks over at Osservatorionmade-Marseille have a show coming up on my birthday! That's right, this jam kicks off on January 16; visit their site for more details.

Wynwood reaps the benefits of Art Basel each year, but who gets more exposure: the city or the artists who paint it?

The Watford Observer speculates about the origin of some Banksy-esque stencils.

When it's too cold to go out, just doodle on Tyler's "Hello My Name Is" magnet and stick it on your fridge.

I think people are more offended by the incorrect usage of the f-bomb in this sentence than they are about the word itself.

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