Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 2010: Mr. Di Maggio in Milan

Mr. Di Maggio knows how to mix work and play like a pro. By day, he makes money through graphic design. In his spare time, he creates huge wheatpastes and decorates the streets of Milan. He writes:

"I started pasting my characters on walls back in 2004. I called myself The Stoned Face. I got the name from a remake that I did on The Stoned Face logo. Back in the day, I used to work as graphic designer. I sat for hours and hours in front of my computer drawing characters, remaking logos and making lots of graphics while working!"

"I got my start with graphic design. Since then, I kept developing my style. I think it all comes from my character, my attitude: I get bored quite often in general so I always need to change. What I do nowadays is different than before. I only work as a freelance graphic designer when I get paid for it. Otherwise I spend my day painting paper, most of which get pasted out on the street as billboards. I always try to keep a graphic stroke in my paintings and I draw different types of faces!”
“I like to paint at my studio in Milan. I believe that it’s the best place ever to hang paintings in the street, but I hate the city where I live. I will probably move to Berlin soon, maybe in April, I think! I need some ‘fresh air,’ to find new ideas and see different people and cultures.”

“I have to say that I have never had particular problems doing my work out on the streets. The only thing that makes me pissed off a lot is when I paste my big posters at night and then come back after a few hours to take photos only to find that it has been pasted over with some sick advertisement. Instead of taking pictures, I start working again to gently remove the adverts and get my poster back alive!”

“Right now I am working on large sized posters to paste and photograph. Get ready, Berlin!”

Thanks, Mr. Di Maggio! For more photos and projects, take a look at his website.

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