Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 2010: San Francisco Part 2

Next stop on the tour: Lower Haight. Not to be confused with Haight-Ashbury, this location is a little more hipster than hippie. Filled with coffee shops, record stores, bars, and parks, it's the perfect place to chill or rock out depending on your mood.
Prior to visiting, I added Fifty24 and Upper Playground to my list. The gallery presented Jason Jagel's series of drawings, paintings, and wood carvings. Upper Playground's tee shirts featured work from artists like David Choe and Koralie in addition to their trademark walrus. However, my favorite artwork was just outside the door; the exterior walls of both buildings feature robots and other spray painted creatures.
I loved the neighborhood's street art, but its residents are even cooler. On the first afternoon of my trip, I joined a crew of people on a stoop grilling steak and corn on the cob. Everywhere I turned, I found friends ready to show me around, take me out to dinner, or sit and chat over a cup of coffee. Since I spend most of my days with high school students and married teachers, it was wild to be surrounded by people my own age. Thanks to Bryan, Galina, Nick, Marcus, Caitlin, Jicheng, Sylvia, Lalit, Luce, Jan, and all the other Lower Haighters for making my week.
One of my favorite moments took place on Haight Street. On Friday night, we went to a party at D-Structure, a clothing store/art gallery. The boys from Nature's Mistake came up from LA to paint Nick's Corvette, so we posted up on the sidewalk and watched them work. Inside the store, people jammed out to Michael Jackson and Drake, checked out the artwork, and generally got wild.
In the middle of this craziness, a band walked by and decided to post up outside the shop. As they played, a stranger grabbed the mic and started rapping. Well, rapping is a subjective term, because all he shouted was, "I got my band with me! I got my friends with me!" The spectacle drew attention from the crowd and even a Chronicle reporter. Later in the night, they were invited inside to play the party. Never boring, kids.
Thanks for indulging me this week; tomorrow's post will cap off the series and then we'll go back to the normal profile schedule on Friday. See you then!

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