Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 2010: San Francisco Part 3

I didn't do much sleeping last week, but I did catch up with a lot of people. Tanya took me to brunch at Lime, an experience that was well worth the wait. Louie showed me around Oakland and drove me to a tiny sushi place in San Ramon. Matt and I met up for Indian food and World Cup discussions. Ross met me at the Haight Street party and we reminisced about college days. Reunions are the best, particularly when they occur in amazing locations.

Near the end of my trip, I took a break from walking around and went to see Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop. Most excellent! The film features so many of street art's heavy hitters: Space Invaders, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, and (supposedly) the big man himself.

In addition to loving food, I also have a horrible coffee addiction. Normally, I try to limit my caffeine intake, but it was impossible in this city. Fortunately, I had plenty of options:the Grind, Oakside Café, Café du Soleil, Café Internacional. Armed with a giant pint glass (or two) of coffee, I steeled my nerves and prepared for the day.

Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge ranks in the top three of the week's best experiences. I woke up early and rented a bike in North Beach. Now, anyone who's seen me walk would question this decision; I don't have the best balance. But since I'm on my "no fear" grind, I peddled that thing past cars, trucks, and the occasional tour group. As I wound through the Presidio, I snapped shot after shot of that bridge. While I worried there would be wind or fog, the day was clear and I could see all across the bay. Beautiful!
Thanks for bearing with me, guys! I hope you've enjoyed the photos as much as I've loved telling stories. Tomorrow, we'll be back to normal profile formats.

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  1. beautiful stuff. especially love the bunny rabbits at the top. Is that part of the FOLLOW street team's work or what is that? FOLLOW (the black rabbit).