Thursday, April 8, 2010

March 2010: Senkoe in Mexico City

Many artists choose sides and stick with graffiti or street art exclusively, but Senkoe has the best of both worlds. Today, he tells us how he mixes styles and techniques to push his work further. He writes:
"Most of my work is in the metropolitan area of Mexico City. It's distributed in various parts of the city and there's some in other states of my country. When I started painting in my neighborhood there was nobody doing it. I'm used to working alone; it's how I feel more comfortable."
"My style has evolved gradually, as I found more inspiration in nature and its forms. Apart from that everything is built from drawings. Everything has been flowing slowly. I started using aerosol techniques that were my favorites, but I also use brushes to achieve certain effects. The first tags and graffiti were more orthodox pumps and wildstyle, but what influenced me most was the enlightenment. I became interested again, but I think have yet to really reach the style I want."
"I especially like the walls situated in contexts of wide avenues and textured or smooth surfaces in which one can give greater effect, but I also feel very attracted to aged and cracked walls that show traces of the passage of time.
"There have been many crazy things that happen in the street. The most common are insults to threats of coup, but Mexico is full of very intolerant people. On one occasion, a man approached and told me things he drew were a thing of the devil. He had had a hallucination due to illness and he had seen things like I was painting, jajaja!"
"Now I'm drawing and doing some artwork. I like painting on the street and my works are for the street. In my opinion, it's the best gallery there, so everything's about decorating the outside."

Gracias, Senkoe! Visit his Flickr for more fabulous photos.


  1. Excellent graffiti, what I like is the way they painting over abandoned walls, I think that's what make it looks perfectly, what an artists they are.m1m0

  2. graffiti is a good method to express your thoughts and feelings, but they should be done by an artist, and you definitely are one. I like koi fish so much, it's totally perfect.