Thursday, April 15, 2010

March 2010: Cedric Bernadotte in PACA

In busy urban spaces, it's important to take a minute and be mindful. It's all too easy to run from the train to work and back without actually observing the outside world. Fortunately, Cedric Bernadotte's street pieces encourage a minute of quiet reflection. In addition to photographing his friends' works, he uses super stretchy plastic to create ephemeral furniture in the most unusual places. He writes:

"I was born in Bourges, but I work in the large cities of France's PACA region: Metz, Pau, and Montpellier. I love the city of Marseille. It's the site of many of my interventions. I love interacting with the inhabitants.
"When I'm not being an artist, I occupy a multimedia space where I collaborate with other artists. I work with Photoshop, Joomla, Wordpress..."
"I really dig Space Invader, Zeus, Gordon Matta Clark, Otto Piene, Banksy, and Stalker."
"Questions and discussions drive me to create. I like to make interesting projects with huge resources."
"Once when I was stopped by the police, I told them that I was an animator of the city. They bought it!"

Merci, Cedric! View more of his plastic creations at his Flickr.

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