Monday, April 12, 2010

In The Headlines

Wild weekend. I saw Slingshot Hip Hop and Crazy Heart, consumed delicious coffee, and drank sweet tea on the porch with friends. Now there's only six days standing between me and San Francisco. If you have any ideas about where I should go, what I should see, or if you want to meet up, shoot me a note in the comments section. Now, onto the headlines!
Alsacherie collaborated with some students on this collage.
New York street artists want Mayor Bloomberg to stop hating on their work.

Street art visits South Carolina's Columbia Museum of Art.

Artists in British Columbia think their street work has a positive impact on the community.

The murals in Philly make this multicultural city even more vibrant.

If you're in Tel Aviv on April 23, go over to Modelet 13 and enjoy beats, artwork, and good company.

Peat Wollaeger shares his love of St. Louis through stencils.

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