Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March 2010: Diego Miedo in Naples

The city of Napoli boasts a rich history of creative culture. From architecture to oil paintings, Naples is a metropolis steeped in the arts. Native resident Diego Miedo loves his hometown and does his best to carry on its artistic tradition with murals. He writes:
"I've been drawing since I was born ...... I started doing it on the street about ten years ago. I was born and live in Naples. It is also the best place to draw: good climate, cheap, beautiful girls and it's also a great source of inspiration."
"I try to work with more people who can respect all the people from the city. Above all, I try not to do it for fashion."
"I love studying, reading, traveling, talking to people and observing their movements, working with children, reading old comic books, seeing very old cartoons and smoking joints."
"Street art is good anywhere; you need to be at peace with yourself and with others."
"At the moment, my projects are still trying to awaken the minds of Neapolitans with my drawings and cartoons."

Grazie, Diego! View more of his projects at his Flickr.

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  1. Diego Miedo tiene un estilo muy infantil y no está a la altura de otros amantes del arte ilícito pero aún está joven y puede mejorar su técnica.