Monday, April 26, 2010

In The Headlines

Words can't rightly capture the level of pure fun experienced last week. From street barbecues and brunch in a nightclub to graffiti parties and miles of winding walks, I am completely exhausted and so grateful for my time in San Francisco. Don't worry, I documented it extensively so you'll get to see pieces of my adventures. Today, I managed to overcome the time change and compile headlines. Enjoy!
Tomo's been busy with some projects lately.

San Francisco's White Walls Gallery presents "Faces in the Mirror" featuring Blek le Rat and Above. The show opens May 1 from 7-11 pm. Jealous.

Apparently, Banksy and I had the same idea: we visited San Francisco at the same time. Also, he's still feuding/collaborating with Robbo in London.

David Choe is back in Los Angeles for a new show. Banksy also hit LA while he was in Cali.

Shepard Fairey painted over the NYC mural space on Houston and Bowery, but taggers have already scribbled on it.

Mr. DiMaggio pasted this latest piece and shared it with us.
This is why I love Long Island City.

In Ireland, ADW covers Dublin with new interpretations of national political figures.

Hanoi's street artists compete against and collaborate with each other.

Street artists like Zevs and The London Police traveled to Hong Kong and decorated some indoor walls.

Venezuelan street artists critique their government through their public pieces.

Later this year, apartment buildings in Rome will become canvases for street artists.

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