Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 2010: Triángulo Dorado in Buenos Aires

Whenever I'm tossing around a new idea, I always share it with friends. My crew always contributes a new angle and helps push each concept further. Triángulo Dorado's got the same idea; this Argentine crew of three works and plays together to create new pieces. They write:
"We started doing street art in 2004 on the walls that were abandoned on the sides of railroad tracks. We did not need permission and it works really great for practicing and basic training."
"We were born and live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Most of our work is in the city or the surrounding area. In 2009, we were presented with the opportunity to travel to Villazon, Bolivia, where we painted a large mural commemorating the centenary of the city."
"The Triángulo Dorado group formed in 2007 and consists of Santiago Panichelli (Nemer), Francisco Ferreyra (Lema) and Pedro Panichelli (Pedrone). The three have worked together ever since."
"The group draws inspiration from urban art, graffiti and mural painting as well as classic expressionist movements, symbolism and the various art forms ranging from antiquity to the latest trends. The final product is the result of different forms and styles that each member brings to each mural. We are known for making work together and achieving an unique image."
"We love painting in any big place where many people can see it. A building would be great. Now we are working on some murals that we've planned for some time as well as paintings and drawings for two neighbor exhibitions."

Thanks, guys! Look at more of their photos on their Flickr.


  1. They are very talented for sure. Sometimes one might think that street art is something easy but it is actually no mean task. They have to learn new techniques and practise a lot to get the outcomes they want. Last year I was living in my buenos aires apartment and I used to see this paintings every day. I didn´t pay much attention to them but now I realise they are professional artists who should be recognized.
    Congratulations on the exhibitions!

  2. Thank you very much Meg! Anything you need, please consult.

    Greetings from Argentina.