Wednesday, March 31, 2010

February 2010: Aris in Toscana

Street art may seem anonymous from afar, but it's actually an interactive process. Artists collaborate with others, roll with crews, and run into a colorful cast of characters when they paint high traffic locations. Aris loves the social aspect of street art, so today he's sharing his experience with the rest of us. He writes:
"I started writing on trains in 1993. Toscana is my area. I came from a small city. At the beginning, I worked there and I've also traveled in Italy and in other nations."
"I've worked with different crews. Now that I' m living abroad, I' m painting alone a lot more, but I never forget my crew."
"I'm a lucky man, so nothing bad has happened so far. People always say something to you; sometimes it's nice, sometimes it's not so nice."
"There's something new to make, new color, new letter, new place, and so I discovered new possibilities to paint and to write. From the beginning, I never liked spray, so I did a lot of experimentation."
"When I pick a place to work, I have to see if the landscape says something to me that I must answer. Anonymous places are particularly fascinating. Discovering a place is amazing; in that moment, you understand you have to change that place."

Thanks, Aris! For more photos, check out his Flickr.

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