Monday, March 8, 2010

In The Headlines

Thanks to beautiful weather and lots of activities, this weekend was great even though I'm not feeling my best right now. I found a new bike FO' FREE, photographed different parts of CT, ventured down an abandoned train track to a lonely freight car and bridge, hiked through the woods to the top of a mountain, I have a killer headache. While my cranial conundrum may have changed my plans, I still got news for y'all.

Got this video of Logan Hicks in my inbox. Looks like he’s keeping busy.

UGeorgia senior Colin Tom loves plastering the Athens campus with wheatpastes of his own creation.

After many years out of the game, Richard Hambleton is sharing his art with the world. (Or is Armani exploiting his story? Can’t quite figure this one out.)

Toldeo may not care for street art, but the city’s artists love the Glass City.

Shoot an e-mail to Miss Bugs at for a chance to win a free “Carry Your Sins” print.
Dan Bergeron has some prints for sale; they’re the very first of their kind, so I expect they’ll go fast.
Hollywood may take the Oscars seriously, but D*Face had fun toying with the iconic statuette.

If you’re planning a trip to Croatia this summer, be sure to check out Zagreb’s street scene.

Lyon’s All-Over Gallery presents works by Polish artists FRM, Otecki, and Zbiok. The show opens March 13 and runs through April 13.
Jessica Stewart’s latest show, “Street Art Experience,” opens in Rome on March 19.

The Guardian talks to JR about his “Women are Heroes” series.

Soooo much street art in the NY Times this week. Jonathan Levine’s gallery and interviews from Lee QuiƱones? Brilliant!

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