Thursday, March 11, 2010

January 2010: Macaaa in Hackney

I'm a paper-hoarding fiend. Every time I pass a table with fliers, brochures, or postcards, I have to put at least one of each in my bag. At my house, I fill boxes with these seemingly useless items. They wait patiently for my return, dreaming of the day when I'll use them for something. Clearly, I haven't been thinking as creatively as Macaaa. With his uncanny collaging skills, I bet he could turn my boxes of refuse into something beautiful. He writes:

"I started it in 2005 back home in Santiago, Chile. Now I live in Hackney, so most of my work is between Brick Lane and London Fields.""I work by myself, but whenever I need some extra help, my friend Alina always help me with my pasting."
"As I come from a fine art background, collage has always been my first motivation. The media can change (a wall, a sketchbook, etc.), but the papers are always my main source."
"Lots of strange things happen when you're out in the streets! I love when drunk homeless people direct me on my pasting, as if I were truly going to take their advice."
"I'm working on a surf wall for a Brazilian friend and I finished some Valentine's posters that I pasted near my new home after Valentine's Day."

Thanks, Maca! For more colorful collages, visit his Flickr.


  1. We have been seeing these around Hackney and was wondering who was doing them. Cheers

  2. cool, man! glad i could help!