Monday, March 22, 2010

In The Headlines

I'm trying to think of ways this weekend could've been more perfect. Eating and cooking with visitors? Check. Venturing out for long runs? Check. Glorious warm weather, Maple-Festing, roaming cities, downing coffee in large quantities, watching high school students put on a theatrical basketball game, drinking beer in a converted post office, and reading books on my front lawn? Definitely a good time. After a ball-busting finish to the week, I'm grateful for a glorious break. Now that I'm rested, on to the (tiny batch of) headlines!

In Lyons, All Over Gallery hosts Polish artists FRM, OTECKI and ZBIOK for their show, "Boring." It runs through April 13.

My friend's dad sent me a link to Mapping Main Street, a project that I actually want to look into more. Thanks, Dave!

Kill Pixie's show, "Observatory", opens at Brisbane's Edwina Corlette Gallery today. The show runs through April 10.

Specter's show, "Make It Fit", runs through April 17 at the Brooklynite Gallery.

In Oakland, Yung Grasshopper documents the city's street art.

In Manila, Filipino college students use street art to beautify their city.

Take a guess: is this street art or an ad?

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