Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 2009: Kef in Aachen

Berlin gets a lot of press for its burgeoning street art community, but don't forget about other parts of Germany. Located near the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands, Aachen boasts cathedrals, tree-lined boulevards, and German artist Kef's wheatpastes. He writes:
"I began doing street art in 2005 after I read a book about street art. Prior to this, I didn't know much about this form of art because I was 16 years old. I created two characters that I've brought to many cities like Cologne, Berlin, Paris, and Dusseldorf."
"While I know many artists, I mostly work alone. I just do my own thing and that is good!"
"At first I liked the typical street art stuff; then, I developed my characters. In the long run, it would've been boring but I transformed my two characters. My works are full of momentary energy and visual harmony."
"My favorite places to paint are very old and isolated locations. There, I enjoy painting with the sense of absolute freedom."
"I am currently working on a print which will be issued this summer in Berlin. I'm also working a project in Switzerland."

Thanks, Kef! View more of his wheatpastes on his Flickr.

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