Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 2010: Dimitris Taxis in Athens

Greek artist Dimitris Taxis doesn't let mediums pen him in. Sometimes, he's out on the street putting up a fresh wheatpaste. At other times, he's indoors sketching out the next frame of a comic book. Wherever his artistic endeavors take him, he's all about pushing ahead and improving in the future. He writes:
"Well, I started doing graffiti in 1998, but I suppose I got involved with street art in late 2004 when I pasted my first handmade poster somewhere in Athens. At almost the same time, I published my first short story inVavel, a comic magazine, and used the name 'Dimitris Taxis.' I decided to use the same name on the streets too."
"I usually paste my posters alone. I don't have a favorite place, just wherever I feel like working. I prefer ruined neighborhoods, old houses, or abandoned factories."
"I also enjoy collaborations with friends or other artists.Sometimes,when someone spots an abandoned factory or something big enough for a lot of people, we gather around and have some kind of BBQ there: food, beers, graffiti and lots of fun! I love these times!"
"I'm influenced a lot by several 80s-90's European comic artists and, of course, by classic painters/sculptors in art history.Both painting and comics,as well as graffiti and design, has developed my style into what it is today."
"Now I'm working on my posters and experimenting a lot with painting on canvas and wood because I'm preparing my first solo exhibition. I have a lot of work to do till then!"

Thanks, Dimitris! For more photos and updates, stop by his Flickr.

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