Wednesday, March 17, 2010

February 2010: Pum Pum in Buenos Aires

I know it's St. Patrick's Day, but we're taking a trip away from the Emerald Isle down south to Argentina. Down in the Southern Hemisphere, Pum Pum's whimsical characters grace the streets of Buenos Aires. Today, she stops by to share a little bit of her story. She writes:
"I started painting on the street about six or seven years ago...just experimenting. It was more like a game, not a decision."
"I love popular sites like Saavedra, a wall of Palermo, but any place is good. I enjoy working alone, but I love sharing a wall with friends!"
"I love drawing a lot, visually feeding on things that I like. I like drawing in my house, listening to music."
"Right now, I'm painting many canvases at my house. I have many things planned for this Year of the Tiger!"
Gracias, Pum Pum! For more fantastic photos, visit her Flickr.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on your art! It´s really great!
    Are those walls painted in BA?
    I´m in BA with some friends, and we rent apartments Buenos Aires every time we come to the city!