Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 2010: Geso in Berlin

Berlin's got so much going on. From music festivals and outdoor concerts and Papergirl project, Germans love their art. The city's vibe attracts artists from all over the continent. Street artist Geso migrated from Madrid and now decorates his adoptive city. He writes:
"First, I should say that I consider myself a street artist as a video-artist, as a performer, as an illustrator, as a designer, etc...I would resume it all like just 'artist'. I only use the street as a 'frame' where an idea fits in it. I prefer to think in a different environment. So, my first actions in the street were stencils and stickers. That was around 2001, even before I started using the moniker 'Geso'."
"I'm located in Berlin (Germany), but I am from Madrid (Spain), so most of my actions are located in those two cities. Usually the inspiration for a new piece come from the streets that surround me."
"Usually I work alone, but I never refuse to do collaborations. In the past years, I've made some drawings with Btoy, San, Saner, Besdo Garsía, Kenor, etc... but not really often."
"I don't think about a 'style'; I just do what i feel. The most important thing is the ideas behind it. So in this sense the 'style' is based in the things I like to talk about or the kind of aesthetics that I enjoy (this could be from breakcore and noise music, to black metal aesthetic, terror movies, psychedely, RGB colors, 80's stuff, etc.). I think my 'style' develops from my ideas."

"I remember I was with Zosen, Kenor, Ovni, Uri and more people in Barcelona. We were painting and cooking a paella in the same place. The police came, but they were only worried about the fire we used to cook, but not about the painting... that was weird... haha!"

"I am especially interested in developing some ideas for new video art pieces and special installations for galleries. I'm seriously thinking about doing something with all the old TVs that everybody is leaving on the streets of Berlin. My mind is working!"

Thanks, Geso! To view his complete body of work, check out his Flickr.

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