Monday, March 29, 2010

In The Headlines

We're two for two for awesome weekends. This time, I went to Providence to visit Conor. I saw his puppets, wandered the East side, ate amazing mac and cheese, and generally enjoyed spending time with my boys. Now, on to the headlines!
Luz fills walls with glowing green gardens, contrasting the lack of green in urban spaces.

Ever wanted to be a street artist in Hong Kong? Here's how.

The Inspiration Art Festival is calling for entries. Hit up the website for forms and information; the deadline closes July 31.

This Saturday, Villas painted with a whole crew of friends at ArtBrut in Barcelona.
"Friends With Benefits" opens on April 2 at Rarebreed in Philadelphia. The show features stickers from El Toro, Ticky, Bobwillreign, Josh?, and UWP.

Snaki befuddles reports in Chicago and at the New York Times.

Black Rat Projects never fails to impress me. Combining works from the best artists of the past four decades, "Now's The Time" opens April 22 at the London gallery.

Street Art New York's silent auction takes place on April 24. The proceeds benefit Free Arts NYC.

If you missed Sundance, you can still catch Exit Through the Gift Shop in a city near you.

I've officially never seen anything quite like Ben Wilson. This guy paints pictures on discarded wads of gum.

SpY's show, "Urbano," opened on March 26 at Bilbao's SC Gallery. The show runs through May 28.

Researchers at Notre Dame believe street art provokes positive discussions about public space.

Philadelphia knitters enjoy covering their city with yarn.

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