Tuesday, March 16, 2010

February 2010: ( E ) about Brazil

If I had to pick one country to visit for photographing street art, it would be Brazil. In the past two decades, there's been an explosion of artists, ideas, and styles all over the country. ( E ) is a great example of how a single artist can dabble in so many mediums while managing to spread his work all over the place. He writes:
"I first started doing street art with some friends not so long ago.I live in a complex city called São Paulo in Brazil.
Most of my works are around here, but I like to reach any other place I can."
"I like to work by myself. but, sometimes, I meet up with friends to paint together. That process is more about each one doing his or her own work on the same wall or any other place."
"I don´t think I have one style. Of course, everything I do is about myself and they have things in common. I love to find out my own new ways to express my thoughts and see things from different angles. I think it's about knowing myself better each time.I keep doing the same stuff as long as I think there is something else to explore. After that, there's a period of artistic crisis and the cycle restarts.""I'm so fascinated with doing my paintings on stained walls or ruined places. It's like they are already telling city histories. It's crazy to find a very clean, white painted wall. It's like a lie, as if something is being hidden."
"I'm painting at my studio, searching some new ways to get these new ideas out of my head. It's killing me. Hugs!"

Thanks, ( E )! For more lovely shots of Brazil and ( E ) 's work, visit his Flickr.

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