Monday, March 15, 2010

In The Headlines

Well, kids, I finally took the plunge this weekend and got a tattoo. It says 'eagla ar bith', which means 'no fear' in Irish. While I was ready to run from the chair initially, I can honestly say it wasn't as bad as the anticipation made it out to be. Good stuff! Other than that, the weekend was full of concerts (Real Estate= a good time), food, and catching up with my NYC ladies. Deeee-lite! Okay, enough blabbering about me. On to the news!
Street artists in Austin teamed up for Balcones Burner Bash.

Danish street artist Clean travels to Thailand this month for the Tiger Translate festival.

Vancouver loves its paste-up scene. Speaking of Vancouver, JermIX created a new project and wants your artwork for his subway ad reapropriation project.
Skount’s exhibition kicked off in Berlin this week.

Suso33’s show recently opened at N2 Gallery in Barcelona.

Check out Bomit’s latest sticker contests here.

Jef Aerosol brings he fruits of his labor in China to Galerie Lipao-Huang in Paris.
Alsacherie wants guys around the world to listen to their wives.

Auckland debates graffiti vs. gallery art.

Blast checks in with Sten and Lex about their latest projects.

Ron Hartley and his “urban fossil” photos document cityscapes.


  1. nice little tat...
    when i had mine done there i thought it must be the worst part to get one! right on the vein...

  2. seriously! i was so worried about it. what kind of tattoo did you get? words? pictures? were you happy with it afterwards?