Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 2010: Signafk in Jerusalem

I'd love to travel this summer and Israel is high on my list of ideal locations. Between the landscape, the food, the art, and the people, there's so much I want to see and learn about. I feel like Signafk would make an excellent tour guide. While most people think of Tel Aviv as the country's street art capital, he holds it down in Jerusalem. He writes:
"I first started doing graffiti something like 7 years ago. I started with the classic NY style as a basic for my letter structure and started developing my letter style from there. Back in 2003, you could count the writers in Israel on one hand, so all the graffiti I saw was through the Internet. After 3 years of writing, I started working on my characters. I stopped looking at work on the Internet and decided to work on my style trying to make my own Israeli style."
"I don't really know how my style developed. I was just trying to do new things more and more and came to what I do today. My style is still developing and I don't think it will ever stop."
"My city is Jerusalem, Israel. Most of my work is made in the abandoned building of this city. Israel is really small, I work a lot in other cities around the country."
"Because I'm the only member of my crew located in Jerusalem, I'm used to going out and working alone. My crew is AFK (Always Fresh Kids). Today we have 9 members in the crew working together as much as we can."
"At the moment, I'm working on an illustration for an exhibition next week in Tel-Aviv. It's an illustration called 'Musical Thought'."

Thanks, man! Keep up with Signafk and the rest of his crew.

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