Tuesday, March 23, 2010

November 2009: Cahil Muraghu in NYC

The advent of Flickr, blogs, and the internet in general opened the floodgates for collaboration and inspiration within the street art community. For the first time, people in New York City could connect and share images in Tokyo, Doha, or Capetown. However awesome this synthetic technology may be, it's easy to forget that sometimes, the best material is completely organic. Thanks to Cahil's friendship with Erik Burke, the two pass ideas and opportunities back and forth. Today, we check in with Cahil for a taste of projects in progress. He writes:
"My first 'street art' attempt was probably around 2004-5. But I had been writing graffiti since 7th grade."
"In the 'street' I mainly collaborate with other artists. In the studio, I divide my time between my own work and collaborations."
"I grew up writing graffiti and ended up going to school for architecture. My painting style developed along with my graffiti and design ideas."
"I was recently working on a two man show with Erik Burke. So that means more murals in the Bay Area and New York, and an exhibition."
Thanks, Cahil! For more photos, take a look at his Flickr.

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