Wednesday, March 10, 2010

January 2010: Mashka in Moscow

I may complain about winter in New England, but Russia has us beat tenfold. While we're experiencing a brief thaw, the Motherland remains frigidly locked at sub-zero temperatures. Once the snow melts and people aren't required to wear hats to protect their ears from falling off, I guarantee Moscow will be flooded with street artists itching to work. No doubt Mashka will be in the ranks. She writes:
"I started a few years ago, but I've only started doing it on a regular basis in the last year and a half."
"Working alone or with others depends on my mood; each tactic has its own advantages. I'll prefer going by myself when I wanna explore something new . On the other hand, with a bunch of friends it's much more fun on an energetic & creative level, and it always leads to some unique experience."
"I'm developing my style all the time. Now, I'm just trying to paint as much as possible, making sketches and take inspiration from the best in graffiti and street art, such as: Reyes, Rime, Augor, El Mac, Os Gemeos, Lister, Kid Acne, C215 , Swoon and Armsrock. That's the best way to improve my skills & develop my style."
"When I make a big piece, I usually get to paint in a hidden spot where there's lots of flora and beauty mixed in with filth, ruins and homeless people. I love those spots that somehow absorb and reveal the essence of the city without hiding anything, for better and for worse. I also enjoy painting in open places where I act fast without thinking too much so it works out in unexpected ways."
"I wouldn't say I have a 'craziest' memory, 'cause each time is memorable for its own funny and weird encounters, or unpleasant ones as those with the police patrol. Actually, sometimes I think it's crazy enough to get up at 4, 5 AM and go out painting !"

Agreed, Mashka. You're a champion! For more photos, visit her Flickr.

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