Monday, March 1, 2010

In The Headlines

The Olympics are over and so is the weekend. Filling my days with long runs, concerts, and visiting with friends left me a bit exhausted. At some point this week, I hope I get to sit and not move for a second. While I was a busy bee, I still found time to compile your headlines. Enjoy!

The crew of the Chor Boogie documentary has seven days to raise money for post-production costs. If you can, throw some money their way!
YZ and CĂ©line Malraux teamed up to created Mind Your Eyes, a series of street pieces synthesizing wheatpaste graphics and poetry.

If you get a chance, head over to Ripo's website and check out his Heart for Haiti prints. Proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders to help victims of the recent earthquake.

Marc and Sara from Wooster Collective spoke in South Africa about making public space open to the public.
Mr. Di Maggio reminds us that earth is not a toy.

In Hartford, artists rethink graffiti and street art. Chicago's still confused with how it feels about street work.

In Greece, Athens appreciates murals created by a certain pair of Brazilian twins.

The Boiler House in Cardiff serves as an indoor showspace for graffiti artists.
In NYC, Luzinterruptus fought traffic with literature and the books won.

Black Book has an interview with Mr. Brainwash.

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