Tuesday, January 6, 2009

December 2008- Istanbul

Today's post comes from my friend Can in Istanbul. Over the summer, Can was kind enough to translate the Turkish on my own street art photos. Thank you! I'll have a longer post on this beautiful city later on. Right now, let's peek at Turkish street art outside and indoors.

"It was probably around 2 a.m. and I was trying to find this place called Dogzstar in Taksim. It proved to be difficult as I was a tiny bit drunk. Finally, I discovered that Dogzstar was on the street covered in stencils that I had told Meg to visit and photograph. I found a place to sit inside and settled myself with a beer in my hand. As I took a sip from my bottle, I looked up and saw this giant skull image with an afro. At least, that's what I though the first time. Looking at the low-resolution image I took with my cellphone, I can see that the skull's hair is made up of flies. The red light just above it made it look even more artistic than it was in reality. I associated it with the song that was playing at that moment (a techno remix of the Imperial March)."
"The streets of Taksim have many pieces of art in its walls, from colorful drawings to black stencils to plain sentences. This image is an example of the last kind. I had just left a bar called Bronx and I came upon this writing. It reads 'NE OLUR GERİ DÖNME', which translates 'PLEASE DO NOT COME BACK'. I'm guessing that someone fell in love, then had his heart broken to a few million pieces and ended up writing this on a couple of walls around Taksim."

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