Monday, January 26, 2009

In The Headlines

This past weekend was lovely and fantastic (thanks to my fabulous ladies in NY Sizzle). Vic and I checked out a powerful exhibit at the New Museum by Michael Blum. The exhibit, "Be(Com)ing Dutch at a Distance", featured a hypothetical Israeli refugee camp in the Netherlands. What? Exactly. Check it out. I also snagged a few choice shots this weekend, including a Space Invader down on the Lower East Side. While I grab some green tea and nurse off a headache, take a look at this week's headlines.

With work on the street and in the National Portrait Gallery, don't miss Shepard Fairey's work as it makes a stop at Boston's ICA.

In Perth, you won't have trouble remembering where your car is parked. Just look for the giant fish with the horns and a spikey tail.

Perth's 'Reface' project raises questions about the nature of street art and its role in the city.

Stay inside and explore Pittsburgh galleries as they display street art indoors.

If committing to art school doesn't suit your fancy, these one-off classes will teach you the ins and outs of tagging.

Melbourne street art collective The Everfresh Studio discuss what happens when money and street art collide (cue Banksy).

Gothamist interviews Poster Boy about his subterranean marketing mash-ups.

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