Thursday, January 29, 2009

July 2008: São Paulo

Thursday's post comes from my friend Sven. This globetrotting Swede is also an avid street art and hip hop fan, so we get along quite well. Today, he shares a few shots from Brazil. He writes:

Nice to hear from you. Of course you can have some of the pics!

Unfortunately... I accidentally deleted about 40% of the pics I took (oops). Therefore, I no longer have documentation of Buenos Aires... :(

Here are the ones I still have.

... which turned out to be not that many. They're all from São Paulo. Can't believe I deleted so many!!

I think I have some cool ones from Lithuania somewhere. I'll try and find them and get back to you.

The blog is looking great by the way! Really good stuff. I'm also starting one (who isn't). It'll be about global hip hop, kinda like global street art! You'll be getting bombarded with promotion when it goes up!

I am ready to be inundated with hype, Sven. Tomorrow, check out the Friday ProFile with...oh please, I'm not giving that away.

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