Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 2009: Hebron, Connecticut, USA

I find street art in some odd places: winding up cooling vents, plastered on dumpsters, clinging to fire escapes. The thrill of finding art in unexpected locations drives my search. Last week, I found stickers in the most unusual place to date: my home town.
Hebron, Connecticut is a sleepy New England town. There are two stoplights, hundreds of acres of farmland, and nothing to do. To break up the monotony, the town holds two annual festivals. Taking the edge off of winter, the Maple Fest features sugar on snow, tours of sugar shacks, and other activities involving sucrose in sub-zero temperatures. According to the town's website, "winter can't end" until you've experienced it. However, I'm sure there have been years when, lacking snow, many Hebronians poured syrup on their hands and basked in the sugary goodness.
Hebron's other claim to fame is September's Harvest Fair. Traffic backs up the two main routes for miles as people come to watch the pig races, eat fried dough, and bet on the tractor pull. With a little luck, the rain holds out so the Charlie Daniels Band can play to a full field of people. When the fun's over, everyone starts counting the days until the Maple Fest arrives.
Don't get me wrong; Hebron was a pleasant town to grow up in. While lacking in diversity of any kind, the strong school system and nice folks made for a fine childhood. But this cookie cutter environment was not the place I expected to find today's photos. The other day, while I was filling my gas tank, I looked up to notice a pair of eyes staring back from the pump. Yipe!
Later on, I went to the post office to drop off some mail. To my surprise, the same face peered back from the mailbox! Fortunately, I put the car in park or I would've rolled the stop sign. Apparently, the sticker was designed by The Figurehead Experiment, a street artist from WILLIMANTIC?. What's the deal? Did he stick it up himself or did someone else do it? To the person sticking this man around town: I am receiving your transmissions and want answers! Where can I find you and when can we be friends?

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  1. WOW! Who would've thought that Hebron of all places would have street art like this? You are truly a genius, Meg, if you can find treasures like these. Next time I pump my gas or mail a postcard in Hebron I'll be sure to look for our tiny sticker friend. I can't wait to hear who our mystery street artist is!