Monday, January 12, 2009

In the Headlines

This weekend, I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday night in a crowded gallery filled with good food, great people, and beautiful art. If you're in the Hartford area, be sure to stop by [un+art], an open exhibition of paintings, photos, sculptures, and mixed media productions. The show runs until January 24. I'm showing three photos, including one of a stencil by Turkish artist Aseizze. Brilliant! And now, this week's headlines.

In a rather dull analysis, the Chicago Tribune dissects Shepard Fairey's campaign posters and why they were effective in Obama's campaign.

The LA Times reviews walking tours of Melbourne's street art scene.

French artists JR plasters buildings with giant faces of homeless folks. Now you can't just walk by without looking.

British artist Howard McAlpine uses cars as context to create cheeky murals on nearby walls. (But what's with Evel Knievel trying to jump a bike rack?)

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