Tuesday, January 13, 2009

December 2008-Montréal

How Canadians can go outside now is absolutely beyond me. When Canadians from the west go to Montréal to get warm, you know it's a cold winter. Clearly, I'm not as tough as my burly brothers and sisters to the north. I drive to work wearing a powder blue snowsuit from the 1970s. Running to the mailbox counts as an outdoor adventure nowadays and requires the use of a ski mask and boots. As I doze off to sleep under five downy blankets, I count the days 'til spring instead of sheep. So Yasmine, I salute you for venturing outside long enough to snap some photos. Today's ice-encrusted post comes to us from Montréal.

"I'm trying to think up eloquent things to write about these pieces, but really I just went camera-phone crazy. And I love art?"

"The owl on top of the elephant is pretty bomb. They're just peering out over hipster central (Plateau/Mile-End) on a main street, and in front of some hair salon (risquée!). There is a huge chance they put the ElephantOwl there themselves.  I know for a fact that most of the people who live in that area go to art school, and are always looking for ways to bank some cred. True story! So those guys (ElephantOwl) are what I call 'a commercial product of some art school genius'. I'm surprised Montréal's art is coming back around from the standard art we used to find on the streets. Things have gotten so mundane here lately."

"The next one I found in an alley-way, Montréal's secret city inside the city. I quite enjoy the random and unexpected. I found this bebe not two days after the ElephantOwl. Surprising! The reason I really like this one though is because I'm taking a German class. To be honest, once I learned 'schwarz' means black, I saw the black muscle baby and instantly thought... 'Schwarzwnegger'...'Arnold'... 'Ha-ha-ha, really guys, I'm not racist.' Yes. Easily amused."

Perhaps someone should make the Governator aware of how his awkward Austrian surname appears to translate? That's going to be an uncomfortable conversation. Thanks, Yas!

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