Wednesday, January 21, 2009

March 2007/2008: New York City

Today's post comes from my friend Meg in Boston, MA. Meg and I went to high school and ran track together. She's an amazing artist in her own right and takes great photos no matter the subject. Fortunately, some NYC street art caught her eye and she had her camera at the ready.

"I can't remember much about these, but they were cool enough to take pictures. 
The first one I took while walking around near my cousin's apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was in March of 2007 and I think this is near Bedford Ave. I really like rusty, broken down places that artists make their own."

"The second isn't exatly graffiti but you could call it street art. I liked how it was just a painted shoe hanging from a sign. It was on W. 24th St. in Chelsea outside all the galleries." 

"I went back to New York this summer. The last two images are also from W. 24th St. in Chelsea when I returned to visit the galleries. I think I noticed these walls when I was there the first time but I didn't take pictures. When I came back this summer, they were different but just as interesting. Good luck with your blog. I just got a Holga camera so I'm going to be experimenting with more photos. If I see any worthy street art i'll take a pic for ya."

Thanks, Meg! Hopefully, tomorrow's post will feature work from a most unlikely place: my hometown. Yipe!

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