Monday, October 5, 2009

In The Headlines

Brilliant weekend in spite of all that rain. Since I didn't have to work a meet, I made it to the New Britain Mural Slam after all. Great stuff! Lots of graff, stencil, and good times. I promise to share photos at some point. Now it's back to work but there's a great week up ahead: half marathons, music festivals, and birthday parties for so many people. Excellent! While I get ready for the week, have a look at these headlines.
Remi/Rough’s new book Lost Colours and Alibis is out. If you pick up a copy this week, make sure to wish him a happy birthday (his was on Sunday).

Next stop, Bahrain? That’s right, this Middle Eastern country hosted its first street art exhibition this month. You have until November to check it out.

In Bristol, Chris Chalkey got busted for mural painting.

The Jafa Girls love making scarves for bronzed public figures.

"Urban Eyes," the Art Modern Gallery's exhibit featuring Dolk, Banksy, and others, opened in Naples, Florida, this past Friday. The show runs through October 17.

Decoy’s show “Memento Mori” opened last week at The Fridge in Washington, D.C. Wish I’d known about this gallery when I was there over the summer!

JR’s series “Women Are Heroes” hit the Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris. In addition to the photos, he will also create an accompanying mural.

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