Wednesday, October 7, 2009

September 2009: Gaia in Brooklyn

Over the summer, I headed down to Brooklyn to check out the Willoughby Windows project. Sponsored by Ad-Hoc, the exhibit featured work by Chris Stain, Michael De Feo, Ellis G., and other Illicit favorites. Each storefront housed a different artist's unique piece. In the midst of so many great works, Gaia's style stood out. Mixing animals and humans together, her characters left a big impression on me. That's why I'm so glad she agreed to put a post together. She writes:
"I am a Brooklyn and Baltimore based street artist with a background in printmaking and sculpture."
"Marrying the animal and the human form, Gaia conjures mysterious figures that carry a heavy sense of mythology and recall a past when man and nature were once united."
"These romantic creatures stand in relief to the urban environment as they lurk and beckon from within the city’s forgotten and neglected spaces."
"The conveyance of their story relies on the chance coincidence with a passerby, and even in that intimate moment, their narrative is precarious and delicate."
Thanks, Gaia! For more photos, check out her Flickr.

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